The company is located in Forlì, in Northern Italy in the heart of the Motor Valley, and was founded by the visionary owner Fulvio Corvini, in the year 2000 with the aim of producing innovative technical/ professional products related to the world of Italian bathing, sector that in Italy marks the step on the whole world scene, in terms of size and quality of products.
The inventive activity of its owner is concretized with a series of patented products, satellites of the beach bed, until in 2011 a group of patents is filed that, along with those already existing, allow the creation of the innovative sunbed called BE BED. In a short time BE BED becomes the reference product in the sector regarding the “state of the art”. In the following years BE BED is properly tested, refined and improved where possible until you get to the current days when it can be defined a super proven, reliable and performance product like no other on the market. Recently a new patent has allowed the backrest adjustment to be operated in semi-automatic mode.
The BE BED is now the choice of hotels, water parks, bathing establishments, and private owners of gardens/ swimming pools, who seek the best quality Made in Italy and intend to make an elegant choice, functional and destined to last over time.
The creation of high quality products, to guarantee high performance over time, and the innovative vision of the proposed solutions, represent the trademark of the company that thus stands out on the Italian market.