Garden elegance combined with beach toughness

The challenge was difficult; to be able to create a product that is durable under the worst working conditions (the crowded beach), and at the same time elegant, as only certain products designed for the garden can be. We have succeeded in developing:

Gran Design Frame
The Grand Design Frame is the final result of the design intended for the creation of the BE BED sun lounger which in its development considered the following fully achieved objectives:


Obtained by generating geometries of the aluminum profiles that are rounded in shape and consistent among the various profiles that are scaled to each other in the case of the Leg, Backrest and Sun Brace. In addition, the generous sizing of the heights of the profiles,which boasts heights on the Floor and Backrest of as much as 50mm and a connecting crossbeam of Floor and Backrest of as much as 80mm, lends overall importance.


Resulting from the presence of the rounded profiles, coupled with a geometry of the thermoplastic ends that are also rounded in order to avoid any unpleasant tactile experience or the possibility of injury to the user who, with his or her bare body, would be in contact with the Frame.


Permessa dalla assenza di elementi di fissaggio esternamente al telaio, dalla continuità di linea garantita da particolari di raccordo tra telaio e tessuto, dalle finiture satinate di anodizzazione dell'alluminio, dai profilati e dai termoplastici rotondeggianti che garantiscono una particolare continuità e coerenza geometrica di linea. Tutto ciò permette di ottenere una esperienza tattile senza confronti.


Secured by the use of selected raw materials such as primary aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon, combined with generous sizing of the aluminum profiles that boast section heights of as much as 50mm for the Platform and Backrest and 42mm for the Leg. In such a configuration, the Grand Design Chassis can support the static weight of at least 200kg.


Total and self-executable thanks to the choice of assembling each component the Frame, via Repositionable Phantom Bolting that allows disassembly and reassembly over time whenever it is necessary to replace an accidentally damaged frame component. Fabrics can also be easily replaced thanks to FAST technology that enables their installation without the need for special machinery.


Derived from the adoption of proprietary FAST (FAcile Sostituzione Tessuto) technology, which allows the Canvas Pianale to be tensioned without resorting to the machinery required on common Italian Style sunbeds. The innovation consists of splitting a section of the platform profile, allowing part of it to perform a rotation that results in the tensioning of the canvas.
The Movable Profile of the DX Deck opens in a "gull-wing" shape; in order to open it, one must: 1) exert pressure on it to release the tension generated by the installed fabric, 2) slip off the "C Profile" that locks the Movable Profile, 3) the Movable Profile can now be opened; the fabric will loosen and can be replaced.
After inserting the new Flat Fabric into the relevant slots of the Frame, you lay the Moving Profile into its slot, rotate it to put tension on the fabric with the help of some clamps or a forceful helper, and once it is closed, insert the "C Profile" to lock it in place.

Gran Design Roof SunShade
Grand Design Roof SunShade is the final result of the design intended for the creation of the sunshade of the BE BED sun lounger, which in its development considered the following fully achieved objectives:


Ottenuta realizzando geometrie dei profilati in alluminio di forma rotondeggiante e coerente tra i vari profili che risultano scalati tra loro nel caso di Gamba, Schienale e Braccetto Parasole. Inoltre, i Tessuti Parasole vengono uniti al Telaio Parasole tramite speciali asole ricavate sui profilati di alluminio, che permettono una totale pulizia di linea e la completa assenza di qualunque elemento di fissaggio a vista come invece avviene sul classico lettino italian style.


Assicurata dall'utilizzo di materie prime selezionate come alluminio primario, acciaio inossidabile e nylon.


Totale ed eseguibile in autonomia grazie alla scelta di assemblare ogni componente il Telaio, per mezzo di Bulloni Riposizionabili che quindi possono essere smontati e rimontati nel tempo ogni volta che fosse necessario sostituire un componente del telaio accidentalmente danneggiato.


Derived from the adoption of the proprietary FAST (FAcile Sostituzione Tessuto) technology, which allows the Parasole Canvas to be tensioned without resorting to the unsightly nail fasteners found on common Italian Style sunbeds. The innovation involves splitting the corner ends of the Sunshade, allowing one part of the Sunshade to make a rotation that results in the tensioning of the Canvas.
The Security Screw needs to be removed, then the corners are disengaged by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the slot of each corner under the fabric and forcing outward; at this point the two Canvas Holder Crossbars can rotate 90° and disengage from the Base Profiles, and the fabric can be easily slipped out of them.
After inserting the new Sunshade Fabric into the relevant seats of the Canvas Holder crossbars, insert the two Crossbars vertically onto the relevant seats of the Base Profiles and rotate them 90° and lock each corner by remounting the Security Screw.


One of the most annoying problems on the classic beach lounger is the eventual loosening of the bolt that supports the entire Parasol Frame; in fact usually such bolts are "glued" with special braking adhesives that in the long run can give way and force continual re-tightening to keep the Parasol suspended overhanging. On the BE BED, a special patented solution has been devised that allows the bolt to be locked with the "counter-tightening" technique, which does not involve the use of adhesives and can be loosened and re-locked several times without any problems.
With a Torx40 wrench, practice unscrewing with the necessary force but not at speed to avoid seizing to which the stainless steel is predisposed.
Tighten the Bolt complete with the corresponding "Washer Package," carefully to avoid the seizing to which the stainless steel is predisposed, and once the "end stop" of the M8 thread is reached, exert the necessary force to create the "counter-tightening" that will prevent accidental unscrewing of the bolt. The most suitable tool is a torque wrench calibrated to 40 newtons.

Phantom Bolts
The Repositionable Phantom Bolts, made of stainless steel, is the patented proprietary technology adopted on the BE BED, which allows important advantages in terms of clean lines, ease of maintenance, savings and long product life.


Il Telaio Grand Design del lettino prendisole BE BED è assemblato tramite la Bulloneria Fantasma Riposizionabile che ha la caratteristica di non essere visibile sulle parti esterne dello stesso al fine di ottenere una eccellente pulizia di linea del Telaio, ed eliminare qualunque eventuale asperità ed i relativi rischi di ferita all'utente.


Phantom Bolts also possesses the very important feature of being Repositionable. This feature allows any maintenance to the Grand Design Frame with ease. It will be sufficient to disassemble the bolt with a common tool, replace the part of the frame under maintenance, and reassemble the same bolt with ease. As opposed to common Italian Style beach loungers in which assemblies are made with rivets that in case of maintenance work on the frame, must be destroyed and replaced new with special hydraulic presses in use only by manufacturers.

Important Welds
The welds performed on the legs, floor and back are done automatically.


The welding required to create the Legs, Back and Top is produced using noble gases and special magnesium wires, by means of a robotic plant that guarantees the perfect execution of each weld seam, and total product uniformity. The end result is summed up in excellent solidity and aesthetically perfect joints.

Super Satin Oxidation
The 21 micron anti-corrosion anodic treatment, in addition to protecting the aluminum over time from the worst environmental conditions, thanks to a special Super Satin treatment, gives the BE BED sun lounger a particularly refined and not very delicate appearance.


The Super Satin anodic treatment, carried out to a depth of 21 microns, gives the BE BED lounger a very sober and refined appearance both to the eye and to the touch, and at the same time allows its perfect preservation in brackish environments typical of beaches, and in general, in any outdoor setting.


Superficial scratches accidentally caused to the Grand Design Frame, can easily be minimized by simply rubbing them with a dampened abrasive sponge, without finding the unpleasant halos that would inevitably be obtained in such a case, on ordinary aluminum beds; this "magic" is enabled by the special Super Satin Oxidation, which in addition to facilitating the removal of scratches, guarantees a long life to aluminum parts even when used in salty environments.

Certified Safety


BE BED has obtained through the autonomous body CATAS, certification for community use, according to EN581-EN1728 standards. Although by examining the BE BED crib, it is very clear that there are no dangers with use, the certification confirms this by clearing up any doubts. It should also be noted that the certification excludes liability on the part of the lender to the User who accidentally injures himself by using the sunbed. It is therefore an additional guarantee on any claims for damages as a result of accidents with the BE BED sunbed, which in any case remain entirely unlikely.