The challenge was difficult: to create a durable product in the worst working conditions (the crowded beach), and at the same time elegant as only certain products designed for the garden, can be. We have succeeded in developing:
– the Grand Design Frame, made of round shaped tubular aluminium,
– the Phantom Repositionable Bolts, not visible on the outer surfaces of the Frame,
– the Grand Design Roof SunShade, with coordinated geometry, with fabric hinged to the frame without visible fasteners,
– coordinated geometries for aluminium leg, backrest and sun-screen profiles.


In terms of comfort, BE BED beats any comparison with any sun longuer “Italian Style” and also with most other alternative types. In fact BE BED offers its User: – a King Size seat width of 67 cm against the traditional 58 cm of the common beach bed, – a Soft Footrest obtained by applying a special under-fabric padding which is not visible, – Backrest adjustment in 6 positions thanks to the CambiAngolo System also available with WireLess operation (semi-automatic sequential), – a comfortable optional Headrest to be chosen from several models and also available with adjustable height, – Round, well-connected frame geometries for a pleasant tactile experience, – optionally BE BED can be equipped with the High Leg, that is, with the seat at +13 cm with respect to the height of the Standard Leg; it offers a “higher importance” position and facilitates the seat/lift.


It is known that the “Italian Style Beach Bed” includes in its DNA, the long life carrying out the necessary maintenance (replacement worn fabrics from the sun and parts of the frame possibly damaged). However, on common beach loungers, such interventions can only be performed by suppliers as special machines and equipment are required BE BED is the only ” Italian Style Beach Bed” on which you can carry out any type of maintenance, independently and without special machines, then directly on site. In fact: – any intervention to the frame is easy thanks to the adoption of Repositionable Bolts that can then be disassembled and reassembled and not destroyed and replaced as is the case for the rivets of common sun loungers, – the replacement of the fabric of the seat is easily accomplished thanks to FAST (Easy Fabric Replacement – FAcile Sostituzione Tessuti), the tensioning system of the fabric, native on each frame and that therefore does not need machines Mount-Fabric, – the replacement of the parasol fabric is very easy thanks to the quick release system of its frame.


The costs of maintenance in the optimal conditions of BE BED, are much lower than any other type of sun lounger, as: – the Seat and the Roof SunShade of BE BED, consists of special Reversible Fabrics. This feature allows you to take full advantage of each fabric by using them on both sides; in fact the fabrics are renewed when the upper side loses the aesthetic requirement required due to sun wear or stains created by users, while the bottom side remains as new and being able to reuse the fabric “turning it”, results in significant savings and an optimal presentation of the sun longer toward users, – both the interventions on the fabrics and the interventions on the frame, since no specific machinery is necessary, can be carried out self made and on site, therefore the other important costs of maintenance carried out externally at the supplier can be eliminated. These important features allow BE BED a long life, also thanks to the quality of the materials, and allow cost reductions such as to obtain annual operating costs of the BE BED sun lounger, lower than any competing product considering average life periodslong (15/30 years).


BE BED integrates a series of technologies that lead it back to the Circular Economy philosophy and that allow the lower environmental impact. In fact: – the waste produced by the beach bed (used fabrics) is halved thanks to the Reversible Fabrics; – transport by road for the transfer of the sun longers to the supplier for maintenance, is reduced to zero thanks to the possibility of carrying out any maintenance work independently and on site, – the quality of the materials made in Italy, the high repairability of the frame (due to the repositionable bolts), the long life and the total recyclability of the main metals used (aluminum and stainless steel), allows the BE BED beach bed to fully respect the philosophy of Circular Economy that contributes to the protection of the planet.


BE BED has obtained through the autonomous company CATAS, the certification for collective use, according to EN581-EN1728. In this case, liability is excluded by those who grant use of the sun bed, against the User who accidentally should get injured using the sun bed. It is therefore an additional guarantee on any claims for damages following accidents with BE BED that however remain completely unlikely.


BE BED can be optionally equipped with the special control use system AntiFurbo. It is a system that allows the locking of the opening of the backrest, making the sun lounger unusable; a special universal opening key (Token)can be removed from the beach bed only by the staff through a special extractor in order to lock the bed, while this token can be easily placed on the beach bed by anyone who has it available, for its release and then use. In this way, the availability of the sun lounger can be guaranteed only to those who are entitled to it, precluding the possibility of use to any abusive user.


Like any “Italian Style” cot, BE BED can be stored with a very small footprint; in fact the backrest and the parasol can be folded over the beach bed seat while the legs even fold “inside” the seat frame. In this way each BE BED is reduced to a footprint of about 153×76 cm with a thickness of only 9 cm (despite the section of its profiles) and can also be placed on top of each other for a convenient reduction of the footprint in warehouses. Note that the system of closing the legs is completely retractable unlike other models that retain the encumbrance of the appendices necessary to support the legs when open. Please also note that the BE BED beach bed is manufactured using aluminium profiles of important section: in fact, the seat has a height of mm 50 against the common mm 43, the backrest upright has a height of mm 50 against the common mm 42 and the traverse backrest/seat frame, has a height of mm 80 against the common mm 40.

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